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water consumption

water consumption

October 31, 2013

Water intake is very important, hydration or dehydration can effect your body's many functions from performance to fat-burning etc. Ensuring you are properly hydrated is crucial in order to lead a healthy life and have your body run like a fine tuned machine. When you consume the proper amount of water you have a proper balance of hydration in your body. If you consume too little you become dehydrated and your body then wants to hold on to any water you consume, this will make you look softer of fatter as the water is usually held subcutaneously (under the skin). If you are holding water often the best thing to do is to drink more water, after so many hours your body will realize that it is hydrated or over hydrated and will start releasing the excess water to maintain its proper balance.


Excuses Excuses

Excuses Excuses

June 07, 2013

I hear so many excuses for why people can't get into shape, and the vast majority of them are complete BS. Everything from no time to injuries, most people are busy and very few of us (especially as we get older) are physically 100%. Those who truly want to change their bodies make the time and they work through injuries. For those of you that dont follow fitness competitions and complain about not being able to workout because of an injury, let me tell you I have seen people without use of their legs or having only one arm absolutely ripped on stage. If they can workout with only one arm you can workout around a sore knee.


Ditch Your Fat Friends

Ditch Your Fat Friends

May 07, 2013

Ok, I'll admit this sounds rather harsh, but it isn't if you are serious about your fat loss goals. I have seen it a thousand times and lived it myself, friends are often less supportive than you would like when it comes to achieving your body image goals. When trying to change to a healthier lifestyle some friends can be more saboteurs than supporters, they rarely mean to be that way but they are. This is especially true of the friends that may not be in as good as shape as you are already. Women often say sneaky subtle things to knock their “friend” offtrack and men often belittle their dieting friend to make him seem less of a man for dieting.

With this type of friend socializing becomes very tricky as they typically want to indulge in the items you no longer can. So you end up sipping water or diet pop while out with your friends partying or eating a salad while your friends pound back your favourite foods (and if your friends are like some of mine they wont mind throwing the fact that you are missing out not having what they are). I found for me personally staying away from certain people or at least reducing my time with them was the only way to move forward towards my goal.

I became anti social within my group as I would disappear for weeks at a time. However those were the weeks I saw the biggest changes, the weeks that I socialized the results were slow or non existent. For the record I am not the only one in this situation, like I stated earlier I have seen it a thousand times with clients. Peer pressure never ends, its high school for life. Clients in average shape that want to get into exceptional shape have friends suspect them of having an eating disorder or body image dis-morphia issues. Heavier than average clients don't get much more support either (even though they deserve the most support), mainly since they tend to socialize with other larger people. They have to subject themselves to friends indulging when they can not, obviously we don't expect our friends to change their eating habits because we are but we often expect more support than we get.

I even hear it from the competitors I work with, they too have friends telling them “you have 12 weeks until your show one piece of cake isnt going to hurt you” or “you workout all the time you can burn this off”. They don't understand what goes into getting in shape, the physical or the mental side. That one piece of cake could start a downward spiral into an all out binge that could last a day or days. It goes on and on and Im sure everyone has their own story. One of my fitness industry friends posted on facebook recently, “Time to become anti social again” which tells me someone is behind on their fat loss goals and needs to kick it up.

Im not saying that you can't be social and still stick to your healthy lifestyle, you can. However you have to do it with the right people that support your goals and don’t pressure or lead you into eating or drinking foods you know are going to effect you negatively.

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